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Overcome Your Dental Visit Fears with Your Sedation Dentist of Manassas

January 6, 2018

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picture of nitrous oxide gaugeDo you dread visiting your dentist? If so, don’t beat yourself up over it. The reality is that between 9% and 15% of Americans avoid seeing their dentist because of anxiety and phobia. That doesn’t sound like a large portion of the population, but it translates into 30 to 40 million people. Your sedation dentist of Manassas understands these fears all too well, but still reminds you that semi-annual visits serve as one of the cornerstones of oral care. That’s why he offers sedation dentistry to help calm your fears. Read on to learn about some of the methods he employs.


Your Dentist Talks About Grinding, Clenching, and Your TMJ

December 15, 2017

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man with jaw painHow is your jaw feeling? You might take this part of your body for granted as it helps you chew, speak, and smile. However, if it calls attention to itself by causing you pain, you have to sit up and take notice. Problems with the jaw are no laughing matter; they can put a damper on your quality of life and make you miserable for days, weeks, or even months on end. If your jaw is in pain, you might be suffering from a TMJ disorder. What does this mean, how can you recognize the symptoms, and what can your dentist in Manassas do to help?


Your Dentist in Manassas Treats Chronic Teeth Grinding

November 22, 2017

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woman dental painAs you become older, you begin to realize that stress is just a part of life. We must learn to cope with it, not ignore it. When you don’t face your stress in life, your body may take on the burden, causing bad habits like teeth grinding.

Chronic teeth grinding can cause a plethora of dental issues, but thankfully your dentist in Manassas can help you treat it in a few different ways.


Dentist in Manassas Explains the Effects of Dental Insurance

October 30, 2017

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Man giving thumbs up at dentistNow, research shows the role that your oral health has in your general health. To keep your teeth and gums healthy, you brush and floss every day. However, in addition to your home oral hygiene, you also need to see your dentist in Manassas twice a year as recommended by the American Dental Association. To make the cost of care more affordable, dental insurance is important. Now, roughly 77% of Americans have dental coverage, allowing them to get the care they need for affordable rates. Unfortunately, those without coverage must often delay appointments, which has shown to directly negatively impact their oral and overall health.

The Importance of Healthy Gums

August 18, 2017

Happy woman with healthy gums flossingDid you know gum disease can increase risk for systemic illnesses like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and high blood pressure? How about that gum disease can lead to low weight or preterm child birth? Most patients know it’s important to take good care of their teeth, but a surprising few understand how essential it is to care for gums. Healthy gums are essential to maintain both oral and overall health. Keeping up with thorough preventive dental care in partnership with a trusted dentist is essential. Continue reading to find out more about how healthy gums can impact your smile.

Dentist in Manassas Enhances Your Smile with Metal-Free Fillings

July 17, 2017

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Your dentist in Manassas offers metal-free fillings for a flawless smile.If you are like 92% of adults, you have had at least one cavity in a permanent tooth. It was likely treated with an amalgam filling by your dentist in Manassas. Metal fillings have been used for decades because they are affordable and effective. However, they do come with several disadvantages, such as a noticeable appearance and the fear of mercury exposure. At Galleria Dental Arts, we understand your concerns, which is why we offer a metal-free option with tooth-colored fillings. Not only do they blend in with your enamel, but they resolve the issues associated with the traditional treatment.

Life-Like Dentures & Partials From Your Dentist In Manassas

May 3, 2017

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Galleria Dental Arts, your premier dentist in Manassas, can restore your winning smile with high-quality dentures and partials. Mother’s Day is just around the corner – and as you think about your family, you certainly have a lot to smile about. But when you do, your joy flits away and you’re immediately embarrassed by the blank spots in your smile. You want to correct your missing teeth, but you’re not sure where to start – and you’re afraid that dentures might be as obvious as the gaps in your grin. Who can you trust? For life-like results, your premier dentist in Manassas can help. Learn how dentures and partials from Galleria Dental Arts will make sure the only person who knows you have false teeth is you.


Fixing Teeth with Composite Resin from Your Manassas Dentist

April 27, 2017

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 Your Manassas dentist can sculpt and blend composite resin amongst your natural teeth. Do you have shortened front teeth that made your smile look immature, even childish? Don’t forget to mention to amalgam fillings on your back teeth. Nothing is more embarrassing than being completely matured but feeling less than when you smile. Your Manassas dentist at Galleria Dental Arts knows that beautiful, bright, evenly aligned teeth can do remarkable things for your self-esteem. That’s why we work so hard to make your dreams of a gorgeous smile come true. Cosmetic dental techniques like cosmetic bonding and tooth-colored fillings have made this goal much easier to obtain and both are offered in our Manassas office!


Bring Yourself to the Dentist Manassas Area Patients Trust

April 10, 2017

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visiting the dentist manassas patients trustFriends and families come from all over our part of the country to visit the general dentist Manassas trusts. At Galleria Dental Arts, we warmly welcome our neighbors from Centreville, Bristow, and Clifton into our friendly, state-of-the-art office. It’s worth a short drive to visit the team that truly has your best interest in mind — schedule an appointment to see for yourself the difference a good dentist can make!  


Your Emergency Dentist in Manassas Provides Quick Care

March 30, 2017

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Emergency dentist in Manassas performs root canal therapy.Do you know how to handle a dental emergency? Do you know what constitutes one? Galleria Dental Arts is your emergency dentist in Manassas. Drs. Wahab, Solarte and Grover provide expert care quickly and compassionately, and because their skills are well-honed and up-to-date, you can trust them when an unexpected dental problem occurs. Have their phone number in your contacts, and call them for immediate phone support and same-day appointments when needed.



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