What to Expect After Getting Dental Implants in Manassas

How do I take care of my dental implants in Manassas?It’s the morning of your dental implant procedure, and you’re nervous and excited all at the same time. You’re finally taking steps to fill in the gaps in your smile. Your missing teeth have caused you enough trouble. The question now is, what happens afterward? What is it like right after getting dental implants? What is maintenance like? Dr. Tamer Wahab answers both these questions and more about what to expect after getting dental implants in Manassas.

What to Expect Right After Surgery

The surgery to place dental implants often times is very minimal, and usually can be completed only using local anesthesia. The recovery time in minimal, but there are still a few key things you can do to make it go as smoothly as possible.

Firstly, the best thing you can do is brush and floss your teeth like normal. This will keep your mouth and the surgical site clean, which will allow it to heal faster. Be sure to avoid chewing around your surgical site so food doesn’t become trapped there. After you’re finished cleaning your teeth, washing it out with hot saltwater (about a teaspoon of salt per cup of water) is very beneficial in aiding the healing process.

Any pain that you might feel should be easily managed by over-the-counter ant-inflammatory drugs (i.e. Ibuprofen). You will probably be sore for a few days after the surgery, but the maximum dose of these drugs should be able to take care of it. Just be sure to not take them until the anesthesia has worn off.

Dr. Wahab will use self-dissolving stiches on your surgical site. They will break down on their own over the course of 2-3 weeks, and this saves you from having to come into the office to have them removed. However, if they start to become uncomfortable or annoying, just let Dr. Wahab know and he can advise you on what to do.

After Your Crown Has Been Placed

Once you have gotten your new porcelain crown, you will have very little sensation in the implant itself, but it will look and function just like your other natural teeth. You may need to have a softer diet for a few weeks afterward, but that is dependent on your individual situation. Dr. Wahab will let you know which foods you may need to avoid.

After you have completely healed, maintenance is just like a regular tooth. Brush and floss every day, and get routine check-ups at Galleria Dental Arts. This simple daily maintenance, along with bi-annual dental cleanings and exams, can keep your dental implant in great condition for decades. If you feel discomfort at any point during your implant process, please let Dr. Wahab know and he will be able to take care of you.

“Teeth In A Day”

“The dentist near me offers teeth in a day. Is this the same as dental implants?”

This aftercare is primarily for the traditional dental implant procedure, in which the titanium post is placed and you are then given a few months to heal before getting the porcelain crown. This allows the post to firmly bond to your jaw, and increases the likelihood of your implant’s success.

Many practices offer “teeth in a day,” or placement and restoration of implants in one visit. This procedure is only viable for about 10-15% of patients who are good candidates for dental implants. It largely depends on the health and density of their jaw bone. Patients who receive this procedure need to dramatically soften their diet for weeks while the implant heals in order to not to disturb the crown. Planning is critical so everything can be done in one visit. While it can work for many patients, most of the time, it is not the best strategy. Dr. Wahab will be able to decide if it could work for you after he examines you.

Any Questions?

A few simple steps can make the recovery and maintenance of your dental implants smooth and easy. Dr. Wahab will be there for your each step of the way. If you have any more questions about what to expect after you get dental implants, please call your dentist in Manassas at Galleria Dental Arts today.

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