Dentist in Manassas Tells Uses of Dental Implants

Dental implants may be placed singly or in multiples. Learn the process from dentist in Manassas, Dr. Tamer Wahab.

Dental implants in Manassas replace teeth from roots to crowns. Secure and lifelike, these prosthetic teeth require expert placement, proper healing and good aftercare. Learn all about them, their uses and the procedure itself from Dr. Tamer Wahab and his colleagues at Galleria Dental Arts in Manassas.

The Dental Implant Consultation

You are missing one or more teeth and are concerned about your appearance, oral function and impact on your remaining teeth.  Do you know your options for tooth replacement?

If you have questions, schedule a consultation with Dr. Tamer Wahab and his colleagues, Dr. Solarte and Dr. Grover. Dr. Wahab is a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. He has completed the Maxi-Course in dental implants offered by that well-respected organization. He will carefully evaluate your oral health and present you with options to fill your smile gaps with prosthetics just right for you. You may be a candidate for implant dentistry.

To qualify for dental implants, an individual must be in good oral and overall health. That means no active gum disease or decay and sufficient bone in the jaw to anchor the dental implant devices.

Your dentist in Manassas can tell if you qualify through a simple oral exam, digital X-rays and other sophisticated imaging. He informs implant patients that good oral hygiene habits are essential, and that, while it is not absolutely necessary to quit smoking, it helps implant sites avoid infection and remain viable.

Applications of Dental Implants

Dentists use dental implants in many ways, making the devices the most successful and versatile tooth replacements available today. While many implant patients require only a single prosthetic because they have lost a tooth to decay, gum disease or oral injury, some people require multiple implants, supporting fixed bridgework or even full dentures.

The Dental Implant Process

After completing the consultation, the patient receives the dental implant device at the next visit. The dentist numbs the area and incises the gums. He drills a small hole in the jaw and screws the titanium implant device in place. He closes the gums, and the patient goes home to heal.

As the implant site heals, the bone bonds to the titanium screw. Titanium possesses amazing affinity for human bone. This bonding process is called osseointegration. It’s important not to chew on a dental implant until bone and implant fully adhere.

After the site heals, the patient returns to his Manassas dentist to receive a metal alloy extension post and custom-fabricated porcelain crown. Dr. Wahab also uses dental implants to support fixed bridgework or dentures for patients missing several or all of their teeth.

Caring for a Dental Implant

Dr. Wahab and his team encourage implant recipients to brush twice daily with a soft brush and to carefully floss around their implants. They urge smokers to seek out a tobacco cessation program.

Also, the team sees implant patients twice a year for exams and cleanings. While implants do not decay, implant sites must be free of plaque and tartar to stay healthy. With good care, dental implants are retained for decades, says the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

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Contact Galleria Dental Arts to arrange a restorative dentistry consultation. Find out if dental implants are the right choice for your smile.

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