Dentist Herndon VA
What do you expect when you enter the dentist office? Do you expect long wait times or inconvenient referrals to other places? Do you have to visit one dentist while your child goes to another one? Here at Dental Galleria Arts in Herndon VA, our dentists offer multiple services under one roof, making it convenient to get the care you want in one place. 

Traditionally, dentists were there to fill cavities and perform extractions and root canals. A dental visit was often dreaded by people who had fears or anxiety of drills, needles, and painful procedures. Thankfully, those days are long gone.

Sedation Dentistry Herndon VA
Today, spacious offices offer soothing music to calm anxious patients. Sedation dentistry is a great option for those with a fear of dental procedures. In sedation dentistry, the patient is medically sedated into a ‘twilight’ condition. Others may choose anesthesiology to go completely to sleep during their procedure. For some, laughing gas is enough to ease the tension. Sedation dentistry helps patients to keep their dental appointments and maintain their dental health without all of the anxiety. Call us today in Herndon VA for sedation dentistry questions.

Cosmetic Dentist Herndon VA
Another popular service offered today is cosmetic dentistry. When teeth are stained, chipped or missing, people tend to hide their smiles. Confidence will often suffer when the teeth are misaligned or broken. Cosmetic dentistry provides a way to improve the overall appearance of a smile with options like porcelain veneers, inlays, and tooth whitening procedures. Here at Dental Galleria Arts in Herndon VA we offer many cosmetic dentistry services right for you.

Of course, good dentists still offer preventative dentistry and restorative dentistry services. Good dental hygiene is the first step in preventing tooth decay and tooth loss. Cleanings keep tartar from building up. Oral exams can catch gum disease in the early stages.

Root Canal Herndon VA
If a tooth has been damaged, had a root canal or been broken, a crown can save the tooth and your smile. Sometimes dentures or dental implants are necessary when the teeth are beyond saving or the tooth is missing. Bridges and partials can also be used to help improve the aesthetics and function of teeth. Call us today in Herndon VA for our root canal services.

Children can be afraid to visit a dentist. A good pediatric dentist can ease a child’s fears using specially designed tools, fun printed scrubs and plenty of good bedside manner. It is important for the pediatric dentist to explain the procedure in terms a child can understand.

What happens if you fall, knocking out your tooth? An emergency dentist can save the tooth if you get to the office in time. Broken teeth can cause tremendous pain. A car wreck could knock out multiple teeth at one time. Having an emergency dentist ready to assist you is imperative in times like this. Having an emergency dentist in the same office where all of your other dental needs are taken care of is reassuring.

Dentists who offer all of these services under one roof are definitely gaining popularity. The whole family can get dental care under the same roof by a familiar staff. It’s like one-stop shopping for your oral health. Here at Dental Galleria Arts in Herndon VA, we offer our patients our best services!

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