The Importance of Healthy Gums

Happy woman with healthy gums flossingDid you know gum disease can increase risk for systemic illnesses like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and high blood pressure? How about that gum disease can lead to low weight or preterm child birth? Most patients know it’s important to take good care of their teeth, but a surprising few understand how essential it is to care for gums. Healthy gums are essential to maintain both oral and overall health. Keeping up with thorough preventive dental care in partnership with a trusted dentist is essential. Continue reading to find out more about how healthy gums can impact your smile.
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Your Emergency Dentist in Manassas Provides Quick Care

For pressing needs, contact Galleria Dental Arts, your emergency dentists in Manassas. Toothaches and fractures are two of the most common emergencies.

Do you know how to handle a dental emergency? Do you know what constitutes one? At Galleria Dental Arts, Drs. Wahab, Solarte and Grover are your emergency dentists in Manassas. They provide expert care quickly and compassionately, and because their skills are well-honed and up-to-date, you can trust them when an unexpected dental problem occurs. Have their phone number in your contacts, and call them for immediate phone support and same-day appointments when needed.

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